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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this morning a car hits and zero hundred and rules that and think been into a ravine. this happened a couple hours ago at tasman road. a man was helped into an ambulance here and no word if there are any other injuries. a young golfer lee hit by a car on her way home from school is being remembered this morning. she was struck the victim was struck head-on but as you the progress in her bike. she suffered major injuries and died in the hospital. just over two hours later. neighbors are reminding their own children to be careful about writing against traffic on the busy road. i caught one of the yesterday and explained to them that they need to drive in a predictable ways just like cars. please state the driver remained at the scene. drugs or
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alcohol to not appear to have played a factor he reaches so this man was picked up with is that what on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under the age of 14 prepense demanded answers from school officials. is just another example of people need to be fairly simple before their around our children. if he is freed on $100,000 bail @ the santa clara principal arrested on drug charges will be back in court today. he allegedly offered drugs to undercover officers. investigators from have ecstasy and several and carrots at the principal said francisco home. they're looking for a mother who used your tenure old daughter hello up sharply from
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she abandoned her daughter in morgan hill syphilis or last week and then drove off when the cure was caught trying to bring up $150 worth of unpaid grocers up to endicott. local parents were out which of the woman's behavior. she's not a very good one a selfish one. those kind of in jewels don't deserve to have children. that little girl doesn't deserve to have that kind of apparent. the potential girl does not face any charges she is staying with her grandmother. a man suspected of with the woman at that point is in jail in solano county. he she was walking on laurel street and vallejo when the attacker pressure from behind. he threatened her with a semiautomatic handgun and before
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raping her. police arrested 30 road charlie burton on wednesday not far from the currency. the bridge collector sit facing several charges including whip and kidnapping. this is a live look at the federal reserve building and services cut. they're trying to move back and last night after being evicted on wednesday. the people started taunting and throwing bottles at police. protesters runoff once additional backup arrived. when sitting at the campsite was cleared up and the 45 people were cited and released. the activists held a march on south first street yesterday evening. the prostitution problem had been cleaned up years ago but critics say the women have returned and knowing
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the police department is understaffed because of budget cuts. a bicyclist will stream through the streets of the senator's sister to celebrate the 20th anniversary of critical mass. the bike red was started to protest the dogmas of drivers on the streets. i think i said earlier if you could lead early good for you. we've been waiting for this all week. score to be a great weekend if you like a hot weather. or to get things going with patchy dense fog. approaching the coast on some of it inside otherwise would have mostly clear conditions showing up in the ballot. the badgers mary miles in some 56 degrees in san jose.
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this afternoon up into the upper 80s and it may be low 90s in lint. this week is good to be much hotter starting to get hot on saturday and sunday. have a number of things court on that may cause a few delays. the adjustments and critical mass. that takes off around 6:00 this evening. we also once again got a new street clothes on howard street. or " "is court on until the middle of next week. this is because a lot traffic tieups. expect some delays once again are run soft market. < to the 37 so far it
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looks pretty good leaving of his leaving towards san jose. the abrupt up a lot of overnight roadwork on north and southbound 101 for brant county. looks like things are cleared up a little bit from antioch, along the same slow drive times on our travel centers. mass-transit everything is reported as no delay. axle knudsen said rosa were shocked to find a mass of narrow or grow. during the raid on wednesday authorities from more than 1,000 lbs. of pot plants spread out over before block
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area. the crop is worth $2 million spread 15 people have been arrested. it's beyond pop there's a match here hears during fighting. i like to move up. as you never know what's car to happen next crews investigators also from some of half a pound of cocaine half a dozen guns and $25,000 in cash. his all connected to be connected to the activity. the plan went done in flames today shortly after takeoff from katmandu the pot. the crash go all-out on board. the pilot reported hitting a culture just two minutes after departure. he was trying to turn back when the plane went down. israeli prime minister declared the world has until next summer to stop run
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for building a nuclear weapon. after that it will be too late. israel will use military force to stop a run from developing a nuclear weapon if needed to. defense secretary says it is clear that terrorists were behind the deadly attack of the u.s. consulate in bolivia. he says is still unclear what specific group was involved. he says he will continue to take action against muslim mystery to us. the man had the entire muslim video that sparked angry protests against the u.s. is not in jail. he was arrested yesterday because he violated a road service for my check fraud conviction that is unrelated to the video. the judge also believes that he could be a flight risk. the first debate between the president and mitt romney next week. the two will
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spend the weekend preparing for the verbal joust. one of the swimsuits considered crucial for victory in november. they cover everything from the economy to national security. it is still a troubled and dangerous world and the idea of cutting our military commitment by one trillion dollars over this decade is unthinkable. much on offense is better at how someone who makes $20 million a year like him is a lower rate when a cop or a teacher who makes $50. the debate can be seen on wednesday night at 6 here on cbs five. she spoke just at the ap canada street school in oakland ton the small crush should like to legalize marijuana. she is
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ready for the white house was a member of the peace and freedom party the search for jimmy hoffa's body except the new site in michigan. the tip that could solve the sponsors mystery pitch was reported that fiscal of age to a record and a lake that mixed-buyers clinch. they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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we've all been there before i floor reporter finds itself with some hot water he was trying to interview a former candidate under investigation for template improprieties. the man's wife responded with a jug of water in the reporter the journalist turned and asked camera if he was going. and yes he was. have you had happened i've knocked on doors and someone's shot half naked. let's go
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outside where look upon and the bay bridge toll plaza. things are fit enough sunlight so for love it. pretty quiet committed in to serve francisco. the tories and richard crowder, scored on hundreds and possibly thousands of hot-the brothers were gathering later tonight. elsewhere taking you to our maps showing you some driver tugs across that area west bound a. < 580 so far nobody likes to the altamont pass in 24 of your crews the up towards the caldecott tunnel. west of 580 to see the drug tide is 50 minutes prepared no major problems heading up towards pleasanton.
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one of our traffic sensors picking up speed of 60 mi. from our. a little difficult see a little bit far this morning if you're traveling up in the midst through oakland. still a 60 minute drive on northbound 80. mass transit continues to be on time the delay. somewhat hottest amateur as we sit on and on form. we're stuck in some patchy dense fog as he approached the coast.
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these cells were even those six is the livermore valley right now. but after the record to enjoy some hazy sunshine inside the day. 80s and 90s will and good for the day. patchy morning fog at s.f. 0. clearest us. had the across the country thunderstorms in houston. some run and thunderstorms to ensure around 70 degrees. were expecting some we can see as the rich really strengthens over the next couple of days. still were setting up some patchy fog this morning that would break up a bit and then make a return tomorrow night. about eight degrees in santa clara 82 in las
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gatos and 76 and seven a tael. 83 in napa valley. 73 and 0168 in san francisco and 83 degrees in santa rosa. will see the temperatures running near 98 degrees and some of hotspots. everybody calls when done at the end of the week. police will dig up the driveway in suburban detroit in the hopes of finding he being jimmy hoffa's remains. her body was played here this rose filled michigan house back in 1975. let's around the time the union leader was last seen alive. police did not expect to find the body but the test reveals something is buried near the home. the country's biggest rental
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car companies all agreed not to recall cars. that comes 80 years after two sisters died in a crush that had been recalled for safety defects. they all promise not to read or so we tell cars until the defect is fixed. it is not illegal for employers and universities to ask for social media password. the governor signed two bills into law to increase privacy protection. they forbid any company or school to demand in the user name or password of potential students or employees. they cannot punish those of you do not given up at intermission. were born to are for school
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next week. i was trying to be little what. that's me and high-school. rocketed to. he looked just as they matured when did you graduate? what you had a lot of hair. i get to it a long time ago. is hit five home runs yesterday wasn't enough to beat first-place texas. a return of the raps. how did the real men in bl,,
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starting with pat students from around the bay area this morning looking at the hottest temperatures of an oncoming car weighed. in node of the assault on the upper deck of the bay bridge. if you're heading into
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said francisco a heads up. no big hot spots across the bay area. much more traffic coming up. this is the in the argot as it came out of the tunnel but to send innovation could it should allow them long for the wheel and a fellow reps back came on to the field last night. hopper the league and a lot of late wednesday night. the commissioner promised apologize for putting them through the strike but was necessary to get a deal that the league needs. stanford's football team is getting used to live without interlock. the 83 cardinals happy. under two minutes ago the quarterback and drugs than the field but he is paid off. he
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goes in for a touchdown. stanford lost the huskies' 7213. a big upset because the beat usc last week. sears fell yesterday. study pritchard and have it. he allows two home runs hit the his battle that could carry up short and loss 927. the giants pitcher barry c. the got a 14 when. horse-drawn roh helped the giants to a 74 victory over the last 10 at home for the regular season. to display of the day comes from the york. he thought had a home run but this the
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outfielder goes on with the fence and brings it back in. in the end of pilot so far short losing 65. a lot this is a print ad is hard to watch. a man dressed as an apple store employees years customers with a month for the farm. can you imagine where the in line as this guy comes by with all these forms. he pretends to drop the box and shut everything inside. most apple fence door to think much about. she did a couple of dollars
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for a painting at a flea market. white collar work and never make it to the auction block. those kind of angeles don't deserve to have children. a bit silly a woman accused of using her daughter to shoplifted tomorrow is growing for a program by the girl who was killed as she was packing call from school. norris said the hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. good morning is from the september 28th and. perhaps
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integral crow hit and killed at a very dangerous north bay intersection. those kind of intrudes the rules don't deserve to have children. did eleonore to the music heard general to sharply. the sad to report out of nevada the car has died. in the last of know what will has been uncovered spread throughout the entire neighborhood. 24 plants that year in this at your lawn. his was and our is the peace
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and freedom party and in california. ha dehere read cancels or be at a middle school in nevada as a community wars the loss of the corporal crow who was to pry car and died yesterday up for bid. she was on her way home from the middle school where her backpack. she was tacking home. today will be in rough day for students and teachers as the more the loss of one of their own. the moral has identified the girl was " built a lead
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route left. she and her family just moved to the bay area two weeks ago from new mexico. as a moral rose from one another one is going up the spot she was hit. story few candles near the intersection. she was putting on the go on the part on her way home from school. she was about 200 yds from behind. the white gmc yukon had her head on could have happened around 3:00 p.m.. she was taken to hospital where she died two and a half hours later. the assault after a rough and have been pushing the city for years for stocks are as are warrants aren't. i saw the helmet bike and in close and blood. please send a man driving the sec state at the scene and was cooperative with police.
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they did not believe he was intoxicated. the plan to conduct a autopsy of the number of today. the school district without a hit statement must but said they will be offering brief koestler's for students and teachers. new this morning and then is in hospital after his car hit a hydra and then brought down an embankment into a ravine. that happened around too dirty this morning that the canal and tasman right. the all but a middle school teacher of excuse of having appeared he was picked up wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. the district contacted police after they received a complaint on monday. he is free on $100 in orbit. monica l. lemon trees spare
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clip was allegedly offered drugs to ought undercover officer. if some math and ecstasy and pills and several contenders at home. and other armor rounds 40 after being busted for shoplifting with her little corporate and it wasn't the first time this tool had stolen produce a fourth store. this is what happened on sept. 90. did crow was posted right there at the exit door with a shopping cart full of groceries. but mom had told her to point to the door when she pulled up to in the car. that is when the security caught the door brought out the door and then the mother drove away. she is on the loose 511 200 lbs. now facing charges of
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burglary and contribute to into the delinquency of a minor. she called her daughter sulfone. police answered it in pulled she refused to come back. witnesses say the girls reaction to the whole region seems strange. this little girl was there was no motion. she was kind of stone faced about it. she drives a green ford explorer with the wyoming license plate. no. 4111118 to. the girls with her grandmother and not facing charges rich as officers are standing guard at the federal building and san francisco. about 30 occupy protesters tried to reclaim their camp last night. this started taunting and throwing bottles at their his lease. it
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doesn't want to butt out there but none. protesters runoff want additional back up ride. the once a is one to close this week in some spots prints were to be the hottest amateur as we've seen since june in the bay area. outside we have some patchy fog to begin with. this mostly on the coast but it will sink into the day. so 60 and livermore 40 degrees and santa rosa. but the afternoon will up into the '80s may be low 90s. the patches of fog in sunshine in the '60s. or sunshine and a halt to the butchers. live look at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. behind the big hits everything is moving fine. a couple things stored on here is a stall on the end one section of the upper deck. first reported about 50 minutes ago. if you're coming off of the bridge was about 80 at the portion the sky where there's an accident led by fifth. or not sure about lancelot of the sport. as a live look near candlestick in the short. everything looks good at all the way towards us afloat. howard street is shut the and between third and fourth street. once again if you're traveling south of market. copper look and lower decks of the bay bridge. the stock was reported farther east towards the in common. faster as
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it is on time. a mass of metal what the girl has been uncovered pot and the north bay street is spread through out the entire santa rosa neighborhood. it was fun near the southern part of the city. was the more they found more than 1,000 lbs. of pot plants spread over a four block area. it is worth more than $2 million. 50 people have been arrested. its be on pot as math there is getting activity. i'd like to move now because you never know what's were to happen. investigator seldom match half a ton of cocaine half a dozen guns cash. it is also believed to be connected to gang activity. the man behind the protests
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and riots and said francisco's mission district will be in court today. the tour into year- old shot by an officer of last week. he pulled a gun on the officers could issue be granted several demonstrations over the a couple days. the examiner reports that separates the agencies are looking into a contractor that unions claim has been paying workers less than seven cisco's minimum wage which is 1024 or hour. the claims the prompted a hearing by the board of supervisors to riches on 90 people were killed today when their plane crashed near mount everest. the plane went down in flames shortly after takeoff from kathmandu depaul. the crash go on board. the pilot reported a full church just two minutes after his departure could be the
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innocents general assembly in new york western nations and middle east allies will discuss the civil war and syria. the plan to urge some serious offense tanker today says it is clear that terrorists were responsible for the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. he says it is so uncertain was a civic group was involved. libyan president says his government has suspended about 10 militia groups and his country and they will continue to take action against muslim extremists. the man behind them and the muslim video that sparked the you angry anti-american protests is not behind bars he had violated procuress for red check
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puppies in utah recently pulled off a tricky rescue raising the baby deer out of a manhole. the final step in this 10 ft. down deputies, a democrat alike solution to save the fon using just a rope and mountain climbing clef dead deer was finally released by guess apparently the fund is doing well. did we its interim believe to be in iran while was sold for $7. it may have been stolen. the veins and was purchased in west virginia at a flea market for privately nothing but evidence has surfaced now that this piece was stolen from the baltimore museum of art decades ago. the fbi is now looking into it and says he does have the paperwork
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to prove the painting belongs to them. finders keepers not so true. wall street futures are slightly lower his ashley morris and with this morning's business news by the in new york good morning. the bequeaths good morning happy friday. asian markets were mixed this morning in tokyo lost 1% 88 to we close and well after hitting falling revenues companies in china gave them half a percent stocks posted their first game of the week investors were encouraged by spain taking tough measures to reduce its deficit one of the worst in euros known the doll produced 7 points higher while the nasdaq was up 42 points. american airlines says it will take its pilots union to course unless the union and its job action is accusing them of fighting back by filing more maintenance complaints to cause flight delays and cancellations and had a surge of cancel late
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flights since the beginning of the month pean says there is no slowdown but the union is angry over the company's decision to use bankruptcy protection to impose new work and payrolls. gaea quakes that have been hundreds of flights canceled. picture is the season of giving and face that is getting into the act. did police they spoke as the king paid by thinking small the social media said started a new feature that will allow users to send small real life gives to their face but friends such as a copyright pastry or even stocks was a face of revenue comes from display advertising and it does get a% of each sale which if enough of these books 1 billion users buy something they can add up to a lot of money and i was checking and there is a lovely spot package on their if anyone was thinking of getting me something. i could use a day at the spot. uniondale last date today.
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have a good friday. calcutta big football game this weekend and this the son will be blazing. still waits around the bay area today we do have some dense fog early on i think that will clear out nicely miss some of the lingering at to the coastline sunshine come your way again in temperatures will be sorry as we head for the weekends by sunday and monday we'll see the peak of the keep out the door right now temperatures widespread your '40's into some of the northern valleys but some los '60s as we head toward this this afternoon in the '80s and '90s showing up in lint and these temperatures for the coastline in the '60s
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soul traveling around the state you'll find hot temperatures 96 in fresno 93 in sacramento 64 degrees mostly sunny and the monterey bay and 77 lake tahoe that bridge building in the weekend keep soaring in the upper 90s in many spots emmens maybe hints a patch of fog for the coastline otherwise it is going to clear out for the better part of the day and that looks like it will start to creep back on surely tonight and into tomorrow morning. we may not see many many more like this 77 fremont low 90s possible in the afternoon and inessential this tempters were up to 73 in oakland 73 in berkeley and 78 degrees in petaluma the next couple of days will keep things up and probably system despite temperatures had well book hit well below the average will talk about what's going on there
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tonight expect some traffic tieups if you're in downtown san francisco today is actually the 20 is at 20th anniversary of the monthly by crisis started in 1992 which protests the dominance of cars on city streets so we're expecting a huge crowds gathered over at justin herman plaza at about 6:00 tonight and coming up 645 still talk about the critical mass. and former mayor willie brown's make sure you stay tuned for that's all too well as good toward the bay bridge westbound 80 approaching fifth street in getting more of an accident and not hearing about it on our chp report so will let you know if anything is going on we did clear this on the upper deck to now we're seeing a usual delays heading into san francisco not too bad so far. elsewhere let's go to our maps mobile 5 this morning alan brooks is driving
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the kcbs car and you can see him he just got off the rich in san rafael bridge is heading down the shore freeway and 18 minutes driver so to amaze no big issues. down to richmond in berkeley westbound highway for this is starting to slow down a few bright lights at the antioch just your usual slow traffic there and was bounced up 5 medium so 19 minutes fresnel out to the dublin interchange traffic and weather together back to you. to equate the zero spent much of this weekend preparing yesterday both men campaigned in virginia one of the swing states considered crucial for victory in november to cover everything from the economy's national security the first debate in denver colorado can be seen at 6:00 on cbs five. they have been spending millions
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on their campaigns there's another candidate who has been flying under the radar. roseanne barr is running from the white house as a moat member of the peace and freedom party cheese focused last night in oakland still in the small crowd do you like to legalize marijuana. typically ims messages democracy freedom and peace. the vice- presidential running mate is an anti-war activist cindy marcion's and hope to get more voters in the peace and freedom party which could lose its status in california if it doesn't double its registration by the end of 2014. time now is 551 new proof of life on mars when nasa's curiosity just discovered. and celebrating the joy of caffeine and you could save hundreds."
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i'll have the build your own burger with a...n? sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere.
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around the bay this morning but that approach in the coastline much warmer temperatures getting hot this weekend but details coming up. and we're getting closer and up towards 6:00 in the morning so road to getting busier here's a look at three bridges across the area of so far everything is looking debt in full look at your traffic and weather together coming up in a little bit. he equates 554 now boy it bart has joined with uc- berkeley to monitor earthquakes in an effort to make the transit system a little bit safer part is not connected to recording comments that installed 8 more than 200 locations across the stage. irvin saw them as if to precautions in the events of the
5:55 am
big quake. the ribbon cutting ceremony planned this morning in south san is same with a sad history of the bridge crosses my road and its parallel train tracks at the blossom hill road interchange humitidy 5 lawn long and hard for the over crossing wintu year-old alexander was struck and killed by train their the bridges named in the bill was honored. new proof that life may have existed on mars the curiosity rover found signs of an inch and stream on the red planet you are looking right now of at bad rock that the rubber boom to back scientists believe that a fast-moving streams possible ways to keep mail once flowed on the red planet and made them seem like they're tumbling in the river something. you're probably either drinking are making your copyright now i
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think we're on our second cup tomorrow's national coffee day and you can get some freebies that says today 7-eleven will offer everyone a free large size cup of coffee from 6 until 10 tonight and tomorrow cost participating mcdonald's crosby cream will be given away as well if you want to go to michelle sassy will be handy offer coffee as well. the next half-hour child abuse are just a really bad joke to take a look this photo of a baby can extend this sparking an investigation police call them a mother daughter crime and do well and the mamas now on the wrong with seated when officers caught her 10 year-old shoplifting groceries we have is coming up. in we're live in nevada where i just spoke with the principle of the middle school loses greaved counselors will be here shortly who died biking on her way home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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